Haji Abdul Rashid, the owner of Rashid Textile discussed with his friends about some welfare project and with their co-operation, it was decided to start a charitable free dispensary named (KARIM BIBI Free Dispensary) on April 15, 1993 in one of the rural areas of Faisalabad, BAWA CHAK, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.


Since that time, ALHAMDULILLAH more than 800,000 patients have been treated and the most deserving cases have been provided with free medication.  Focusing on the problems being faced by the patients, specifically financial problems, Haji Abdul Rashid family and their friends decided to upgrade the same dispensary into a hospital.  It was required to have a proper institution and finally a trust – HAJI ABDUL RASHID LAHORI WELFARE TRUST was established.  The Trust Chairman – Haji Abdul Rashid, Senior Vice Chairman – Muhammad Saeed Sheikh and Vice Chairman Idrees Ahamd Sheikh utilized their resources, worked from dawn till dust and by using a minimum span of the time DARUL SEHAT (TRUST) Hospital was completed and started to work in 1998.


Besides, an attractive building, hospital is fully equipped with latest and modern technology, where highly qualified doctors and skilled staff are 24 hours busy in treating a large number of patient everyday.  Deserving poor patients are being treaded by ZAKAT FUND which covers consultation and free medication too, their is another separate fund is available for non Muslim Since last 5 years, this institution is not only providing quality treatment at low cost to poor/deserving patients but also now-a-days patients do come from various parts of Faisalabad and nearby cities as well. for better treatment & better medical facilities. The hospital provides services by covering various areas and always stresses to provide the low cost but quality treatment to all the deserving and needy patients in a friendly environment:

Facilities provided by the Government.

1.Supply of Gas & Electricity on Special discounted rate

2.Free Advertisement facility provided by the local government

3.IncamTax Exemptions on all Donations to Haji Abdul Rashid Lahori Welfare Trust.



Chairman Trust

Haji Abdul Rashid.


Vice Chairman

M Saeed Sheikh


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